What do to:
  • We will take in the watch and details in store or via post. 

  • An estimate of costs is given. This may be given via email within 72 hours.  This may be because a further inspection of the watch may be needed to ascertain the watch requirements.

The Service of Your Watch includes: 
  • Removal of the bracelet from the watch case.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of bracelet.

  • Removal of the back of the watch case.

  • Gaskets, seals and hardware replaced as required.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case and bracelet.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the movements.

  • Precision control of the movements.

  • Lubrication of components. 

  • Reassembly of movements in case, new seal and close case back.

  • Check water resistance.

  • Set watch with date and time as required. 

  • 24 hour final time check of movements.

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